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Jamtara is headquarter of Jamatara district in the state of Jharkhand. Jamtara as a separate district came into being on 26th of April 2001, comprising of just 4 blocks, which was created by dividing the district of Dumka in to 4 blocks. The new district of Jamtara, when got separated from the Dumka, is surrounded by the Deoghar district that lies towards the north, the Dumka and West Bengal are located on the eastern side, while Dhanbad in the south side, and finally the region of Giridih lies at the western part. The town of Jamtara is found to be a heaven-like place with the surrounding dense forest, that has become the cause for good rainfall, as well as a cool and pleasant atmosphere all the times.

About Jamtara
Jamtara Ramakrishna Math

History of Jamtara

Jamtara situated in the Jharkhand State is a heaven-like place with the surrounding dense forest. This district was formed on 26th of April 2001, comprising of just 4 blocks namely Kundhit, Nala, Jamtara and Narayanpur which was created by dividing the district of Dumka. The region was once a part of Birbhum. There are various historical sites which have been watched and appreciated by the attending tourists. This area was agitated during the Santal Insurrection during the year 1854-1855 by Siddhu and Kanhu.

Geography of Jamtara

Jamtara is located at distance of 250 kms away from the state capital of Ranchi with an altitude of 155 meters. The district covers with an area of 1801 km² and appears between the latitude of 23.95°N and longitude constitutes 86.8°E. The distance of Jamtara is 260 kms from Howrah, and 290 kms from the place of Patna. Some of the other towns in the district such as the Karmatar, Kundahit, Narayanpur, Nala and Fatehpur. 'Ajay River' passes through this region of Jharkhand which is surrounded by green forests. Jamtara receives an annual rainfall of about 1500 mm, and more during rainy season. Here temperature differs from 16° C to 21° C during winter, and between 22° C to 36° C during summer season. Summer season starts from the month of March till May; while Rainy Season begins from June to September; and Winter Season will be during October to February. And the temperature will be minimum of 2°C in Winter, and Max Temperature seems to be 45°C in Summer.

Demographics in Jamtara

As of 2011 India census, the population of the city of Jamtara was 90,426; amongst which the percentage of Males was 52 percent, and female population was said to be 48 percent. The district comprises with one subdivision 'Jamtara', and 6 development blocks such as the Kundahit and Jamtara Nala and Karmatar, the Narayanpur,and Fatehpur.

Culture of Jamtara

Much of the culture of Jamtara is influenced from that of West Bengal which is quite near to this part of Jharkhand. Most of the people residing in Jamtara are Hindus with Hindi being the common understandable language of the region. The very common festivals like Ganesh Chaturti, Maa Basanti Pooja, and Navaratri are celebrated grandly in Jamtara. During Navaratri, people worship Goddess Durga at local temples and offer prayers to the mother, as well as play dandiya in round circles. People of Jamtara, usually consume the rice and roti with daal. Some interesting dishes like Dhuska, Dudhaur, Jhalmudhi, kera-dudhauri are other favorite dish prepared by locals. When you arrive Jamtara visit to the nearest restaurants to get acquinted with the taste of Jamatara.

Healthcare in Jamtara

Hospitals in JamtaraJamtara is a small city, though there are no large super-specialty hospitals in this town, the place is blessed with several small clinics throughout the city. You will be able to find various healthcare professionals as well as the doctors who gives treatment for minor illness and all types of health disorders. All the clinics and healthcare centers are located on the Jamtara road. You can reach the below clinics and nursing home, in case of emergency.

Popular Nursing Home
Address: No: 139, Jamtara Road,
City: Mihijam,
Pincode: 815351, (Near Jamtara, Jharkhand)
Phone: 643 322 2329

Sarkar Clinic
Address: No: 72, Railway Station Road,
City: Mihijam,
Pincode: 815351, (Near Jamtara, Jharkhand)
Phone: 643 322 2472

Shopping in Jamtara

Like other cities, you can do garments and jewellery shopping in the town of Jamtara. Apart from these, you can also buy electronic products as well as footwear as a remembrance of this place. You will get tired to do shopping here, as plethora of items are available here to shop. Tourists would love shopping at Jamtara. Below are few of the shops that could help you buy your favorite items.

Alpana Store (Garments Stores)
No: 336, Bazaar Road,
Near Maa Kali Mandir
City: Jamtara,
Pincode: 815351, (Jharkhand)
Phone: 643 322 2180

Kanak Jewellers (Jewellery Stores)
Near Bajrangbali Mandir,
73/1, Bazaar Road,
City: Jamtara,
Pincode: 815351, (Jharkhand)
Phone: 643 322 3603

Surya Electronics (Electronics and Home Appliance Stores)
No: 236, Near Jamtara Railway Station,
City: Jamtara,
Pincode: 815351, (Jharkhand)
Mobile: 0930 420 7208

Tourism in Jamtara

Tourism in Jamtara is actually a great fun, where one can enjoy sightseeing of dense forest with amazing scenic beauty of the rivers and waterfalls, along with other rocking lush green environment. A best picnic spot in Jamtara is a Parwat Vihar Park, which is occupied by many of the tourists from different places to have a nice time during their vacations! One can also visit Karamdaha temple devoted to Dukhia Mahadev to get good peace of mind. Read More...................

Transportation in Jamtara

Profile of Jamtara
Jamtara Railway Station

Transportation in Jamtara is not a problem. However, you do not get flights or buses to Jamtara. Instead you will have to get down to Ranchi Airport and hire a cab to reach Jamtara which is about 163 kms away. If you want to reach Jamatara by bus, you need to visit Asansol (35 kms away) or you can reach Dhanbad bus station (42 kms from Jamtara), and from there you can pick the local taxis to reach Jamtara. It is good if you choose railway as a means of transport to Jamtara, as you will find regular trains to the Jamtara city.

Jamtara Railway Station
Address: Chak Rakasabad, Jamtara, Jharkhand 815352
Station Code: JMT

Scenic beauty with vibrant tribal culture and town hospitality that provides good experience. As people arrive in large numbers, it has become a great place to visit at least once while traveling to Jharkhand.

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