Jamtara Tourism

Tourism in Jamtara is really exciting, as people can have a great travel experience and enjoy exploring the destination. If you are traveling the city for the first time, you will find this tourism article most useful, as it provides complete information about the city of Jamtara. One can visit the pristine clear river waters and dense forests, along with the high cliffs in Jamtara, which is an adventure tourist's paradise. You can even watch the beautiful waterfalls, and the rolling lush green hills that make Jamtara, a panoramic tourist spot.Scenic beauty of the city ravishes the vibrant tribal culture along with the town hospitality that provides good experience.

Tourist Spots in Jamtara

As people of Jamtara has been arriving in large numbers, it has become commercial place by providing vacation. There are innumerable hotels and small guesthouses who serve tourists with many cuisines. For the nature and wildlife lovers, Jamtara is a must visit place.

Helpline and Important Contact Numbers

Department of Tourism, Govt. of Jharkhand
Address: F.F.P Bhawan, 2nd Floor, Dhurwa, Ranchi-4.
Phone: +91 651 2400981,
Telefax: +91 651 2400982
E-mail: info@jharkhandtourism.in

Major Tourists Destination In and Around Jamtara

There are several tourist attractions in and around the city of Jamtara. Few are listed as below.

Parwat Vihar Park in Jamtara

Tourist Spots in JamtaraParwat Vihar Park is said to be situated just 5 kms away from the Jamtara Railway Station, and it has been a favorite place for the tourists visiting Jamtara. There are many beautiful sculptures in this park, along with the amusement boat rides. Many people near to this attraction drag over here toe spend a nice time. The Park seems to be very exciting place that generates interest in the Children very much. While to watch the sunrise and sunset from this beautiful location gives a great charm!

Karamdaha Ghat and Temple in Jamtara

When you visit Jamtara, you can visit two places at the same time (i.e, Karamdaha Ghat and Karamdaha Temple) – a very beautiful panoramic location. Karamdaha temple is one of the most famous temple that is devoted to Dukhia Mahadev and is located just 44 kms away from the Jamtara Railway Junction. Rather than normal days, this temple is occupied during specific festivals; also, a large fair will be held at this temple every year, especially during the month of January – somewhere between 14th and 27th.

Maithon Dam and Temple near Jamtara

The term called 'Mai' means 'Mother'; and 'Thon' is derived from 'Than' or 'Sthan' or 'Asthan'. So, inner meaning of Maithon is 'Mai ka Than' or 'Mai ka Sthan', which means "The Place of Mother". Here Mother is denoted as the "Mother Goddess Durga" or "Ma Kalyaneswari". There is a popular temple called 'Kalyaneshwari' nearby, due to which the place was named as 'MaiThan' or 'Maithon'. This place is located very near to the Maithon Dam (6 kms). The dam displays the powerful of the Goddess Kalyaneshwari, and this Maithon Dam belongs to the Damodar Valley Corporation (considered as one among the India's Successful River Valley Projects). When you visit this dam, you will enjoy doing two different activities such as 'Watching the amazing sunsets' at Maithon Dam; and 'Do boating' at the Maithon Lake.

Ladhana Dam Jamtara

Jamtara is surrounded by many dams; amongst which, is the Ladhana Dam. Tourists will definitely love this place, that has mountain view all around which can be enjoyed by wooden boat ride here. The model of the boat creates a great interest to step into the boat. Boat riding gives a great fun, that is rided over the clean dam water of Ladhana.

Asansol in Jamtara

Barely 2 hours drive from Jamtara can take you to one of the beautiful town of West Bengal namely Asansaol. There are regular trains from Asansol where one can visit to explore several parks, dams and many religious centres. Some out of the few most admirable parks are namely, the Satabdi Park and Nehru Park. Both the parks are filled in the evenings, and there are small ponds or water bodies, where boating as well as paddling is enjoyed.

Joychandi Pahar in Jamtara

Near to Jamtara, there is an excellent picnic spot known as 'Joychandi Pahar'. The name itself has joy in it, which gives you great fun and entertainment along with a good time-pass. Tourists can enjoy engaging in various activities such as rock climbing, etc. The place is good for both children and adults as both can enjoy here.

Panchet Dam in Jamtara

Panchet Dam in Jamtara is situated just 44kms. It is a famous picnic spots. There is a giant inspection bungalow, that is established at this dam, and tourists are allowed to visit this bungalow. Apart from this, Panchet Dam has become a good picnic spot for the local people as well as the tourists. Also, the Dam is said to be the reproduction of fishes, and one can find variety of fishes over here.

Chittaranjan near Jamtara

Chittaranjan at about half an hour drive from Jamtara is a also a must visit destination. Deshabnandhu Loco Park, as well as the Children’s Park and Karnail Singh Park are famous attractions of the town. . While there is also a boating club along with the golf club, that are said to be the main attractions in this area. Some other attractions of the city includes the Horticulture Garden, the Kangoli Hill and few other attractions.

Where to Eat in Jamtara ?

When you visit Jamatara, you can find few hotels and lodges, where you can consume various cuisines that are served in a huge platter. Tourists who visit Jamtara will have varied options of dishes to eat, such as the Rice and Roti which can be consumed with Daal; also, one can have Pittha, Dhuska, Dudhaur, and some other types of dishes of Jamtara, including variety of sweets.

Hotel Paradise
Address: Station Road, Jamtara, Station Road, Jamtara HO, Jamtara - 815351
Contact No: +(91)-9304956659

What to Shop in Jamtara ?

Things to do in Jamtara
The main things that focus to you are the handcrafted items such as Jutebags and ordinary handbags. You can purchase these items at a very reasonable price. Also, you can purchase clothes and footwear, and other common items that you are interested to buy in the local market of Jamtara. One can even buy fruits and flowers from this place.

How to Reach Jamtara ?

To reach Jamtara via various mediums. One can visit Jamtara either by bus, trains or by flights. Below are the details about different means of transport that could help you to reach Jamtara easily. If you wish to travel Jamtara by flight, select Ranchi or Birsa Munda Airport, which is located with a distance of 234 kms from Jamtara. There are no other nearest Airport than this Ranchi Airport. However, there is one more Airport called 'Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport located 252 kms away from Jamtara, but it's still far from the Ranchi Airport. Several trains are available from various cities of India, which are namely the Amritsar, Delhi as well as the Kolkata. The city is on the important line of the the Eastern Railway Junction from Howrah to Delhi. Also, there are few more Junctions such as the Chittranjan and another is Vidyasagar. In addition, buses are also available, which are operated from different regions of Jharkhand state and entire India. One can visit this wonderful spot during the month of summer between March till May. Passenger buses are operated daily via Ranchi and Dumka, as well as from the Deoghar and Asansol, Chitranjan and other places like Giridih, etc. from Jharkhand to Jamtara.

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